Helping Pets

Christine! What a miracle worker you are! We can’t thank you enough for healing our dear sweet Gumbo, our English Bull baby!

Gumbo was by nature a sweet, loving young dog, until his best friend bit him! One afternoon, riding shotgun on his daily golf cart ride around the neighborhood visiting his buddies, his very good friend, a Great Dane nicknamed “Big Scooby,” ran up as usual. Instead of barking “hi,” Big Scooby bit Gumbo on the nose! Poor Gumbo was shocked! His best friend had bitten him!

As time passed, Gumbo, who has always been very friendly with other dogs and their people, became increasingly aggressive, edgy and barky.

After an unknown, unleashed chocolate Lab ran up and bit him at his favorite park (requiring antibiotics and a rabies booster shot), Gumbo started snarling and biting his humans, too.

The vet called it late stage aggression and suggested trying to control his behavior through an electric shock collar. (A disastrous and highly traumatic experience for both dogs and humans – don’t go there!) Next the vet put him on 40 mg. of Prozac. Which did help, but poor Gumbo was so dopey he was seeing the world through rainbow colored glasses. Rotating 3D rainbow colored glasses.

Christine to the rescue!  This amazing healer released the negative emotions relating to Gumbo’s having been bitten by his friend and the other dog – shock, disbelief, anger, anxiety! And the resulting aggression and biting issues!

Gumbo is now our happy boy again! We can have him around the house without fear of him biting us or acting out aggressively. He is also well behaved around other dogs, not showing either fear or aggression. Our sweet, loving boy is back!

The vet has reduced the Prozac to 20 mg a day, which we continue to reduce.

Gumbo is now calm in the back seat on car trips (previously barking madly at light poles and bridges, while racing between back seat windows and jumping over luggage, much to the amusement of passersbys).

He is content and calm again around the house and shows no nervous agitation. Thank you, Christine, thank you!  You are a wonderful healer!!! (And she does great things for people, too!  )

We appreciate you and your tremendous gift! Thank you again for healing our Gumbo!

With love, Tracy


Ash and Ali

Ash, on the right, will trap just about any emotion that comes his way. Out of desperation and a threat by my fiance to put him on meds, I decided to use the emotion code on him. The two of them had been having fights almost every day filled with screeching and flying hair. We felt like we were walking on eggshells around them and something had to be done. One of the beautiful things about the Emotion Code is the ability to energy test using a surrogate when for some reason the subject is not testable. (It would be pretty hard to muscle test a kitty ..."ok now, hold your paw strong"....) So I got down to business, enlisted a friend in this case so I could be the surrogate and she would test me, and started to clear one trapped emotion after another, first working on Him and then on his sister Ali (pictured on left). The results were amazing! You could actually feel the 'kitty tension' in the air lift and be replaced with calm. And they stopped fighting!!

Baby, the Lovebird

    Baby, about 13 yrs old, was abused by it's previous owner. The pet shop where my client purchased her said 'you don't want this bird, it's been abused" but my client took her anyway. Baby would not tolerate anyone holding her. She would shriek  and shake violently so nobody in the family would pick her up because they didn't want to upset her. She also had not flown for 2 weeks and her owner was worried that she had injured her wing.  I used the Emotion Code by Proxy with myself standing in for the bird. I know, it sounds weird but it's the results that count. I cleared a total of 6 trapped emotions from Baby. Two days after the session her owner was cleaning her cage with Baby inside. Baby was very needy and kept getting in the way so my client just scooped her up, carried her into the bedroom, and plopped her on her husband's chest. She then turned around and went back to the kitchen to resume cleaning the cage without really realizing what she had done. To her amazement, Baby decided that she didn't want to be in the bedroom and she turned around and FLEW back to her cage. So not only did Baby fly after 2 weeks of not flying, Baby also allowed herself to be picked up without a screech and calmly looked into her owner's eyes as she was carried from room to room. Wow!    

 Missy, the Kittie

Missy is a kitty that belongs to my Mom's best friend. She was adopted at age 3 when she was pregnant. Missy was very timid. Her owner was very worried about her because she was away on vacation and had left Missy with her son and his cat. Missy was having a hard time with her Mom being away and was spending the entire time under the bed! And Missy was in her own home! With the Emotion Code we cleared one trapped emotion at a time. By using energy testing we can get answers from the unconscious mind and the unconscious mind holds all the information about all that you have experienced. In this case we worked on Missy through her owner as the surrogate and by proxy since Missy was not there.  This is what we found...At age 1 Missy trapped an emotion of anxiety. We didn't now what this anxiety was from but Missy did so we were able to clear it. The second emotion that came up was Sorrow at age 3. When Missy was adopted at this age she came from what was basically a farm for abused animals. These rescue animals were not being taken care of properly and would often die from neglect.  This cat saw this suffering and felt sorrow for herself and the other animals. We released this emotion sorrow. That evening Missy's Mom called her son to see how she was doing. He said, 'you're not going to believe this', 'Missy has taken over the house, my cat is now confined to the back bedroom'. Missy's timidness was gone!!