Energy Balancing by Numbers


Energy Balancing by Numbers

An introduction to Lloyd Mear and his work.

~Christine Danyi

Lloyd Mear always had an interest in mathematics. It was something he was naturally drawn too. When he had a major heart attack that added four stints to his body his interest grew even stronger and got him thinking. How could he apply what he knew about mathematics to help his arteries heal.

Lloyd had been in the mining industry as a civil engineer for over 20 years. He knew a lot about metallurgy and the isotopes of minerals. At the time he was working with a physicist friend. They were studying how gold deposits were formed in rivers when there was no detectable originating source or mother load. There didn't seem to be a feasible explanation as to why the gold was there until they hit upon the idea that maybe the gold was formed in the river as it flowed downstream. This proved to be true. In their research they were able to show how each energetic isotope of gold was picked up along the river until at one point in the river, a fleck of gold was formed.

When Lloyd had his heart attack he realized that his arteries had done somewhat the same thing. And he was wise enough to realize that it probably wasn't only the arteries to his heart that were clogged, but that all his arteries might be in the same shape. So this got him thinking if there was some way to make this process work in reverse. Could he somehow take the plaque and put it back into solution where it could exit the body?

What helped in this process was that many years ago Lloyd learned about the ancient art of dowsing while working in a gold mine in Northern Canada. They were trying without luck to trace a channel of gold beneath the earth's surface but it kept shifting directions from where they thought it was going. One day a fella on the site said, “I know a guy who can tell you which way the channel is going” and so they brought him in. He was a dowser and sure enough, he dowsed out the direction of the channel and he was spot on. Having witnessed this, Lloyd quickly immersed himself in the art of dowsing and he became very proficient at it. Trusting the information he was getting from his rod he began asking questions about his health. One day, while working with the physicist, the physicist remarked “Darn, if we could just figure it out we would realize it was all mathematics!” This was the moment when Lloyd began to put the two together, mathematics and dowsing. What if he could dowse out how to clean his arteries of the plaque by using mathematics to create an energy that would reverse that plaque's formation? Just like how the gold was formed, only in reverse. It was at this moment that the birth of the Energy Balancing by Numbers manual began.

And Lloyd did clean out his arteries. He dowsed out that the energy of Indium 125 could reverse the process of plaque formation for his particular type of plaque. He then imprinted that energy into water, drank it, and within a month he says his arteries were clean.

“Number rules the universe.”


Lloyd Mear would say that numbers rule the human body!

Lloyd Mear creates strings of numbers, number sequences that have an energy and that hold an intention. Each number is carefully created by connecting with his higher source and dowsing for a frequency to correct a problem and bring balance to the energetic body. As of 2014, after having worked with thousands of clients, he has created almost 6000 number frequencies!

Lloyd would explain it like this, the body is like a radio with nearly 1.2 million frequencies or radio stations. Most of these frequencies come in at birth and protect us from outside energies. Sometimes frequencies are missing, sometimes they can be scrambled through trauma or negative emotions. Lloyd has developed through the use of numbers, a way to bring balance back to the body. Like an acupuncturist working with the meridians, Lloyd works with the frequencies that make up the human body and the frequencies that effect the human body. For example, there's an outside energy called SOEFS. This energy comes in from the universe and becomes strongest the day before and the day of a full moon. I'm sure you're familiar with that energy, it's the one that makes some folks go nutty at airports and hospitals. For some reason these folks will take on high levels of this energy during a full moon. SOEFS can also influence migraine headaches so Lloyd has developed a number 17686999688 that can help scramble or reduce this SOEFS energy from affecting a person.

Our bodies are like batteries that operate in a negative field. When we walk barefoot on the beach or sit in front of a wood burning stove we pick up negative ions. We are also able to discharge positive ions which tend to build up in the body like static electricity. Too many positive ions in the body can lead to disease and degeneration. The body needs to be in operating in a negative field in order to heal. Mr Mear has developed several numbers to bring us back into a negative field including this one that's called Neutral Energy to Negative Energy~ 78902345789.

My own story about working with Lloyd's numbers happened after my first session with him. I was frustrated with an ongoing problem with fatigue that I couldn't seem to shake no matter what I tried. I left my stressful job in my effort to heal yet it wouldn't go away. I asked for his help and after 30mins of searching he found it at the back of the manual. I was missing a number called Normalize Brain Function~ 88829267865. His dowsing showed that the number or frequency was so low that he couldn't measure it. It seemed that my brain was stuck in a pattern of signaling my body to slow down. So he told me to recite the number out loud while he dowsed. In most cases you recite a number about 7 times and the frequency comes in but I was up to 20 times! But at the very moment when my body regained that frequency I felt goosebumps throughout and I had the urge to cry. I was just about to tell Lloyd that I thought it was in and at that very moment he said to me “okay, it's in”. From that day forward, for the next two weeks, I repeated that number several times a day along with a few others that he gave me. After a week my fatigue was gone. Really gone! I was so excited. So much so that I spent the summer editing and revising his original manual into the new Energy Balancing by Numbers Manual.

I truly believe that my journey in all this was divinely driven by the need for this knowledge that Mr Mear has created to be brought to the world.

Thank you and Be well,

~Christine Danyi

Editor and Publisher of Energy Balancing by Numbers

Losing Your Story


I'm often asked in my practice by prospective clients if I think I can help them. It's a fair question but one I know is not always easy to answer. I usually refer to the hundreds of people that I have helped and how much they were able to change their own lives and find joy. 

The other day I was asked this same question over dinner and the person went on to tell me a 30 minute story about what they had gone through in the past decade. I marveled at how well she told this story. It was as though it had been rehearsed hundreds of times and was constantly being tweaked so that it would be an even better, while still sad, story about her life. She even preempted the sad part with "this is the part that usually makes me cry". I knew this person wanted help but I wasn't sure I could help her because it suddenly dawned on me how important it was for her to tell her story.

Her story was something she had memorized with every cell of her body. It's who she was and how she defined herself. To enter into the realm of change would mean losing her story.

Funny, I was asked the other day by an acquaintance, 'tell me about yourself?' and I had no idea where to start. Should I start with childhood and all the negative parts of growing up with a dysfunctional family? This person already knew I was an Energy Coach so it wouldn't make sense to start there. Should I talk about my schooling or my career in the airline industry? And then the thought came in like lightening, I was no longer my story. I no longer had a story that I told over and over again. My story was constantly evolving.

If there's one thing I've learned it's that when you continue to tell your story over and over again to whoever will listen you can be sure of one thing, your cells are listening to every word. And every time you tell your story you give the message to your cells to behave just like they did when the story first began. You begin pumping out the same chemicals of anger or sadness, or grief or whatever it was. Your subconscious can't tell the difference between a real event happening now and reliving the event of your past. So every time you tell your story you are in fact living in the emotions your past!

The only way to move forward in your life is to begin to detach from your story. Write a book if you don't want it forgotten but you can't live in the now if you're still living in the past.

Over the years I've helped hundreds of people lose their stories and become smiling, vibrant beings of beautifulness! Let me walk that path with YOU!

Equine Love

"There's facts about horses, and there's opinion's about horses. The horses have the facts, and the humans have the opinions. If you want facts about a horse, always get them straight from the horse. If you want opinions, get them from the human."   adapted from Kinship With All Life by J Allen Boone.

Okay, but how do you get the facts from a horse? We don't speak their language so how do we communicate in order to discover what the horse is emotionally feeling?

Of course being a Horse Whisperer would be cool, but is there an easier way?

Absolutely. I've been communicating with animals using a wonderful technique called the Emotion Code. It uses muscle testing to uncover negative emotions that may be trapped in the energy body. These trapped emotions can lead to behavioral issues in animals and may even manifest in their physical bodies. With the Emotion Code we can create a dialogue with the subconscious mind of the animal, find the trapped emotions, and then release them.

Recently I was invited to do some Equine Emotion Code sessions at a stable in Central Florida. The folks there got to see first hand the power of this technique. Blythe, a 26 year old mare, had about a dozen of these trapped emotions. And not surprisingly, for almost every emotion released, her owner knew what the event was that caused the trapped emotion. For example, there was the emotion of 'disgust' having to do with a horse that Blythe was having trouble with. Blythe also had the emotion of 'unworthy' and when we determined that the emotion got trapped at around age 11, the owner's eyes began to swell up with tears. She told me that this was the time when she tried to sell Blythe. She never knew that her horse thought that she was no longer wanted. Amazingly, after clearing that emotion in the usual way, down the governing meridian, Blythe began to yawn. She yawned three times in succession. "Look, she's releasing" the owner's friend said. I asked what she meant, knowing that in my Energy Medicine world, yawning was energy moving. I had no idea that it meant something similar but it did. It meant that the horse was releasing and relaxing. In horse body language a yawn is an outward sign of an internal or mental shift. Blythe was confirming in own her language that a change had taken place!

Then it was Merlin's Emotion Code session. Merlin had a peculiar behavior with his mouth and tongue. He would nervously lick his lips, especially when he felt uncomfortable. He would also get terribly upset at himself when he did something wrong, even if it was minor. Merlin had several trapped emotions around the age of 11 (he's 16) when his owner purchased him and he had a terrible stomach ulcer. No one knew it at the time and no one had diagnosed his odd behavior as being anything other than emotional. They thought he was just acting out and didn't realize he was actually trying to communicate that something was psychically wrong with him. The emotions of frustration, failure, conflict, and heartache all surfaced at around the same age of 11-12. We were now able to release these emotions that he had trapped about not being understood. The next day his owner said he was more relaxed and loving. A week later I did a remote session on Merlin, releasing more emotions related to his feeling bad about himself and then his big shift came!

In the owner's own words, here's what she said,

"Sorry this is the first time I got to my computer.  Big changes!!  Even noticed by outside sources.  Thank you sooooo much - he seems tremendously more relaxed!!  This is Sunday and he still seems great - no tongue AT ALL!!  I want to keep up with this - I am a true believer!!"

What an empowering feeling for these owners to be able to help their horses, Merlin and Blythe, release the trapped emotions that had been accumulating for years. These owners knew in their hearts that their horses wanted, needed and were ready for help and they didn't hesitate to try something new. They were able to help their four legged friends by putting aside their opinions about what they thought the horse was feeling and instead went right for the facts with the help of the emotion code.

So if you want the facts, you need to go to the horse. And what better way to get the facts than with The Emotion Code.






5 Steps On The Healing Path

web pic.png

Not all of us have taken the same path, we've all navigated our own way. But the path to healing seems to have some guideposts along the way that help us get to where we want to be. Here's a few steps I've encountered as have some of my clients:

1. You've done everything else. You've listened to the medical world and gone the usual route of doctors and prescriptions. It worked for a while but the pain or illness just comes back, sometimes even morphed into something new. You begin to realize that there is something more than physical going on that's effecting your body.

2. You've made great strides in changing your diet and lifestyle. You stay away from processed foods, eat more veggies and filter your water. You feel better but still not crazy good.

3. You've recognized your emotions play a role. You have this sneaky in the back of your mind feeling that there's some unconscious programming going on that you're not always aware of. You catch yourself reacting negatively to something and then step back and wonder why. This is the beginning, once you start this realization process there is no turning back. This I call enlightenment .

4. You've begun your true search. You just know you can heal and you have begun searching for those that can help you. This is the most beautiful part of the journey and the most rewarding. We draw into our lives the people who are here to help us on this journey.

5 You can feel it happening even though you may not be able to explain it. Sometimes change is hard to describe. We know that something's different but it's hard to put our finger on exactly what has shifted. So many of my clients say 'I just feel different, happier, lighter' and this is what it's all about. You're changing your energy. You're vibrating at a higher frequency. The denser, negative emotions that have been keeping you down have been released and you like the way you feel.  And all this sets the stage for your physical body to begin to heal. Your cells are now receiving and giving proper communications to each other without the distorted energy of negative emotions.

Congratulations my friend,  You made it happen!!

Experience The Emotion Code and feel the difference in your life.

The Wall Around Your Heart


What if there was a way to protect your heart from ever being broken, would you be interested? I bet most of us would answer yes to this question even though in a literal sense there's really no such thing as a broken heart. The heart doesn't just break in half, right? Yet most of us know very well the 'feeling' of a broken heart. It hurts in a way that's almost indescribable. And even if we haven't experienced it for ourselves we've seen it happen to other people or in the movies. We know that feeling and for those of us who have had our hearts broken it isn't hard to imagine that maybe our subconscious mind has found a way to protect us from future hurt.

The subconscious drive to protect the heart runs very deep especially when you consider that some believe the heart is the 'seat of the soul'.  Research has shown us that the heart is more than just a pump. It's a frequency generator that puts out an electromagnetic field that can be measured up to 10 feet around a person. That means that as you are standing in front of another person, that person is probably subconsciously picking up cues and information about how you feel emotionally. They are literally 'feeling' your heart's energy and this heart energy can even be picked up and detected in the other person's brain (1). The heart, as it turns out, has an electrical field that is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. In many instances, its not the brain that rules the show, it's the heart. Ever use the expression “I knew it in my heart”? The heart often sends signals to the brain about your environment even before your brain knows what's going on. Little wonder that the subconscious mind has devised a way to protect this valuable organ from energetic injury.

In 1998, Dr Bradley Nelson, creator of the Emotion Code, discovered the Heart Wall, an energetic wall that the subconscious mind forms as a way of protecting you from further heartache. Sounds like something out of Start Trek but Dr. Nelson estimates that 93% of us have one! The Heart Wall is not solid, it's made of subtle energies that your subconscious mind has gathered up to protect it. These subtle energies are bits and pieces of the negative emotions of your past that you were not able to process for one reason or another and that lie around like little orbs of energy in your energetic body. These emotions are used like building blocks to create this wall. You even hear references to it in our everyday language such as 'she has a wall around her heart', 'he seems so walled off emotionally', 'she put up a wall so she won't get hurt again', all phrases that reference the Heart Wall.

The Heart Wall isn't necessarily a bad thing, in some instances it can be a lifesaver. If you're in a situation where you are constantly being emotionally hurt it can keep you safe from feeling the negative energies of others, but eventually we come to realize that life would be much better without it. Holding onto a Heart Wall can prevent you from giving and receiving love. It can make you feel isolated, disconnected or ‘walled off’. It can also hinder your ability to reach your goals in life.

Think of it this way, if you don't know that you have a wall around your heart that's made up of negative emotions and you meet someone you're attracted to, you may think that you are sending this person good vibrations. What you might not realize is that those good vibes first have to go through layers of not so good vibes (negative emotions) in order to come out on the other side of the wall. As Dr. Nelson gives the example, what first leaves your heart as a butterfly has to fly through feelings of sorrow, grief, anger, bitterness or whatever. When it finally gets to the person receiving those vibrations what comes out the other side of that wall may look more like a gargoyle than a butterfly! Yikes!

Amazing things happen when this Heart Wall is removed. In my own experience, I was finally able to ‘follow my heart’ and leave a 29 year career in a job I no longer wanted to do and pursue my passion in the alternative healing arts. In addition, it opened doors that I could never have imagined where I felt ‘connected’ to people again. Many of my clients went from not so great relationships to ones that were truly loving. Old flames were rekindled, new loves were found and creative abilities reawakened because the subconscious did not have to protect the heart anymore. Removing the Heart Wall can also have some interesting consequences. Susie, a client of mine, was in a relationship that just wasn't working. She felt stuck and didn't know what to do. After we removed her Heart Wall with the Emotion Code she had a clarity that she didn't have before. She was able to really feel her feelings about the relationship and realized she would be happier with out her boyfriend. A couple months later she was out of the relationship, happy, and pursuing a new career as well. John, another client, kept meeting girls that were unavailable in some way or another. Either they lived in another country or emotionally it just wasn't working. Shortly after removing his Heart Wall he met the girl of his dreams and they're getting married in a few months. He says it never would have happened if we hadn't removed his Heart Wall first, the difference was that profound.

We all want to be loved but for some of us it seems like a long time since we've felt that feeling. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to remove your Heart Wall with the Emotion Code so that your heart can be open to love and to be loved. When it's released who knows what possibilities await you, you may find yourself with a song in your heart and a dance in your step.

1. R McCraty and W Tiller, The Role of Physiological Coherence in the Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy Exchange Between People. (Proceedings of the Tenth International Montreux Congress on Stress, 1999)


Snout to Tail, the Locavore’s Organotherapy


Snout to Tail, the exciting food trend which utilizes the entire animal is gaining favor with locavores and holistic health practitioners alike. Seared Foie Gras, Roasted Bone Marrow (God’s Butter),and Anticuchos (grilled beef heart), aside from some fancy names, have a long history on the plates of people from around the world. If you can get past the 'bleh' factor, this sustainable culinary practice is packed with good nutrition. The glands and organ meats, also known as Offal or variety meats, are rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes, and many other substances including intrinsic factor. Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine have long used the extracts of animal organs and glands to assist the body. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians made reference to what’s now called Organotherapy or Glandular therapy in their basic premise that ‘like heals like’.

Organotherapy, the treatment of a disorder of a gland or organ of a human with extracts of the same gland or organ from an animal, was in full swing in the 1920’s. It gained even more popularity under the name of Live Cell Therapy back in 1931 when Swiss physician Paul Niehans treated a woman who inadvertently had her parathyroid damaged during surgery. Having no drug to help her and knowing that without a functioning parathyroid gland this woman would die within a few weeks, he had to get creative. So he stepped out on a limb and injected her with a saline solution of chopped up parathyroid from a freshly slaughtered sheep. She felt better within minutes and lived for many years by continuing the injections throughout her life.

Organotherapy wasn’t so lucky. The advent of pharmaceutical drugs led to it's steep decline in popularity. Research dollars for organotherapy completely dried up in the 1940's when synthetic hormones came on the scene. Doctor's didn't want to appear 'behind the times' if they were still prescribing extracts when there was a cool new drug as an option. But organotherapy didn’t completely disappear, the thyroid glandular Armour is still used today and a bone marrow transplant where live cells are injected into the patient is really a relative of glandular therapy.

Eating the organs and glands of animals has never fallen out of favor in places around the globe and not so long ago it wasn’t unusual for American families to eat liver, stomach, heart, and other organ meats. Compared to muscle meats, organ meats are more densely packed with nutrients. Organic liver is rich in vitamin A, kidney has loads of B12 and other B vitamins, and heart is the richest dietary source of Co-enzyme Q10. In many cultures the Pancreas is prized and high doses of Pancreatic Enzymes are being used today by Alternative Doctors, most famously by Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, for the treatment of cancer.

It's said that the earliest references of glandular therapy date back to China in 618AD where animal liver was being used to assist humans with liver ailments. The concept of 'like heals like' in organotherapy is still utilized today by many naturopathic doctors around the globe. Some examples are thymus extract which is being used to increase immunity and restore function to the thymus and parathyroid extract which is used to help the thyroid. Adrenal extract can assist with problems associated with adrenal stress and stomach extract contains intrinsic factor which is necessary for the absorption of B12. (1),  (2)

So even if you're a little bit squeamish about putting organs and glands on your dinner plate you can still reap their benefits by supplementing with a good glandular blend like BioAnue EndocrineMender. This synergistic blend of glandular extracts focuses on nourishing the endocrine system which in our stressful world can make a huge difference in supporting the function of those glands. And the best thing is it works and it works fast. Almost as fast my salivary glands start secreting when I see lardo bread with chicken liver mousse on the menu!

Look for glandulars that support the entire endocrine system and not just one gland. There are some good ones on the market without fillers, preservatives or excipients. And don’t worry about mad cow. The FDA actually requires that all bovine extracts come from countries that have no BSE

 References:   1. 2.



Water, won't you carry it in?

The ocean breathes salty, won't you carry it in? In your head, in your mouth, in your soul.    ~Modest Mouse

MI vacation 039.JPG

I've always been a lover of good lyrics and because of my recent frolicking in the world of water memory these are even more special. (Hat tip to Dr Gary Kersey for leading me down this watery path with his Quantum Energy Formulas that I'll talk about in just a bit.) This interest in water memory and the science of imprinting information into water has been gaining steady momentum among scientists and lay people that don't mind thinking outside the box. Not only is science proving that we are energy, that our thoughts and emotions are energy, but we're recognizing that water is a miraculous vehicle that can help us shed our negative emotions like water off a duck's back. Negative emotions, like anger, sorrow, anxiety are energetic structures that can get lodged in the body and disrupt the flow. To quote Dr David Schweitzer, a scientist who's an authority on blood analysis and the grandson of Albert Schweitzer,

"Negative thoughts are like acids- they contract. The moment there is a contraction, the diameter of capillary becomes smaller, the nourishment to the cells is reduced and so is the elimination."

He says that with every increase in negative thoughts there's a build up of toxic wastes that multiply so that it comes to a point where positive thoughts are not even possible and a state of depression results.

On an energetic level, negative thoughts create a sort of net of emotional patterns that get imprinted into the energy field of the body. Too many can scramble the information in these fields and scrambled information can lead to dis-ease.

We now have many tools to correct the distortion in the body fields. The Emotion Code is a wonderful way to release these negative emotions but it's also amazingly helpful to nourish your body in between sessions with water that has been imprinted with healing codes and information. "If you drink water that's harmonious to the human body, water will pass through the body within ten to 15 minutes. Then you've got to go to the restroom. The (harmonious) water will carry out toxins." says Robert Ziesenus, president of Bio-Com, a company that specializes in the development of biotechnology using radio-frequencies (RF) to alter water's bonding structure.

Quantum Energy Formulas, developed by Dr Kersey, create harmony in the body with every sip of water by instantly broadcasting healing frequencies which are then read by every cell that needs it. Because the body is self diagnosing, only the frequencies that are needed will be used. Negative energies are neutralized and healing energies are absorbed.

Email me and I'll be happy to share with you how to determine which formula or formulas are right for you :) 



Lucy has PTSD. Her mom doesn't know all that much about her history except for the physical evidence of abuse and multiple litters. Lucy is a rescue dog and she needed help. She couldn't make eye contact with her adoptive mom. She had wild outbursts at the UPS man, skateboarders, and other dogs. Her owner suspected that Lucy never even had a puppy-hood. She really didn't know how to play with toys or with other dogs.

Lucy sleeping in chair.jpg

I remember the day of our first Emotion Code session. The owner called me up that morning to voice her concerns about Lucy. She told me not to make eye contact with Lucy, not to try to pet her or make any sudden moves. I admit for a split second I was a little nervous. 
So Lucy and Mom came over and I followed her instructions. After Lucy began to settle down in the office we began our session. We worked on Lucy through her owner as the surrogate and released several emotions.  Within 30 minutes Lucy, who weighs 70 pounds, was flopping up against my legs and rolling over for belly rubs. She also drank lots of water from the bowl. Her owner was quite surprised as she remarked when she first arrived that Lucy wouldn't drink the water I put out for her. The vet had even told her when she first adopted Lucy that she would need to flavor the water with some broth in order for Lucy to drink it. Lucy also really liked the magnet being rolled down her back when we released the trapped emotions.

Not much happened after the first session. Lucy slept real well when she got home. In fact she snored loudly. But that was it for the first day or two.

Then things started to shift, Lucy started to play more and decided that she was smaller than she thought.....puppy small. (That's Lucy above in her new favorite 'too small' chair.)

We had another session a couple weeks later clearing more and more trapped emotions. About a week after her second session I got an email from the owner that said that she really didn't see a lot of changes. Lucy was a little better.  Then two days later she wrote again and said she spoke too soon. Lucy had changed! She could make extended eye contact and the explosive barking was beginning to subside.

And now for the first time Lucy played with other dogs at the doggy day care! Playing with toys has also become a favorite pastime.  Below is a photo of Flea, or shall we say, Intensive Care Flea, now that Lucy has had her fun.

Lucy's toy.jpg

Do you have a pet that has issues? Feel free to share your stories below the fold. I'd love to hear from you!