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What is the Emotion Code?

Created by Dr Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code balances the mind, body and spirit by releasing the negative feelings of our past. In the Emotion Code, these negative feelings are called trapped emotions.

So what does it feel like to release a trapped emotion?

Let's take an example, I want you to think of something neutral in your life like your front door. Now naturally a picture of your front door pops up in your mind. No real emotions there, right? Now think of someone that you have a negative relationship with. When the picture of that person pops into your mind you may start feeling some negative emotions about that person. Maybe they hurt you or made you angry and just thinking about them starts to make you feel bad. So imagine what it would be like if the thought of that person brought up no negative emotions,  just like when you pictured your front door a moment ago? That's what the Emotion Code does. It releases negative emotions so that the relationship you have with that person feels better, more balanced, more like that of your front door. The negative emotions get neutralized. They're gone, the relationship changes, and you're happier.

So can't I just not think about that negative person or event?

I wish it  was that easy but.........

Memories are only memories to the conscious mind, to the subconscious mind they are current events.

Those are pretty powerful words! Your subconscious mind is dealing with those negative energies on a daily basis just below the level of your consciousness. If you can bring to mind a memory and it has a lot of negative feelings attached to it then you can be sure that those feelings are vibrating all the time in your subconscious.

Why is this important?

In the world of energy balancing these memories are energy.  Each emotion contained in the memory has it's own frequency or energetic signature. The frequency or vibration of anger is much different from that of joy. They 'feel' nothing alike. The 'energy' of a negative emotion like anger can become stuck in the body. This tends to happen when we are not quite up to par, or the emotion is too big or too strong, or we just don't have the proper tools to deal with them. These energies remain there vibrating like little orbs of energy just out of your conscious awareness until they are released.  And they can become trapped in any part of the body. By releasing the trapped emotions energetically, it's possible that the body's natural healing powers can begin to nourish and bathe the body with fresh energy and you may start to feel better.

I have recently closed my Practice to pursue other adventures!