Helping People

Christine, Quiero agradecerle con todo mi corazón lo que hizo por mi, la mañana después de la terapia me levante sin ningún dolor a diferencia de las mañanas anteriores que creía dejar mis brazos desprendidos en mi cama por el dolor. Dios la bendiga y cuide siempre. Un abrazo.  (Translation: I want to thank you with all my heart for what you did for me. The next morning after the session I woke up without any pain, so different from the previous morning when I wanted to leave my arms on the bed from the pain. God bless you and take care of you always .  Hugs.  ~Lina, Columbia

I just wanted to let you know how Rob is doing after your session. I know he’s been wanting to contact you- but he hasn’t really had time.  I’m cc’ing him on this in case he wants to add anything - or make corrections.

When he first left your place he felt a little different, and actually somewhat sad I think- having hashed up some old emotions- but overall, not very different.  Then about a week later he had some epiphany during the night. He tossed and turned and was wide awake all night long.  And in the morning he had SO much to share with me. He felt like a brand new person!  He’s felt more alive and connected than he can remember in the past 30 years or so!  He relates to people in a whole new way- and can’t wait to meet new people.  He actually gets goosebumps and tears in his eyes when he thinks about how good he feels and how open his heart is.  And I can’t say even believe how great things are between us now. We are relating in a whole new way- and I can FEEL so much emotion coming out of him that I’ve never felt before from him.

It’s really wonderful, and I wanted you to know how successful your work is, and what a difference its making.~ S & R, Orlando

Thank you very much for your help..... my relationship with my mom is rather dysfunctional and I saw her on Sunday.  Lots of wounds there.  We had a little incident and it brought up all the old stuff for me, but the difference was that I could see the situation so much clearer than before – this is a MAJOR breakthrough for me! YEAHHHH!!! ~Ina, South Africa

Christine was easy to feel comfortable with & relax & just let go. I found that I had been hanging onto old garbage I thought was thrown out years ago & was not even part of my conscious life. Once I realized that it was mostly forgiving myself & others in my past that I can now get on with my life to start to live again. I really didn't have any physical ailments but my life was just stuck & I was near frozen in time unable to move forward. I have more energy now & I do have something to live for anyhow. Thanks Christine,  ~Steven

Christine, I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic sessions! I love how the sessions heal so much!  About one month ago we tackled my Guilt emotion. I knew it was going to be a big one, but I didn't realize how big! I felt like a new Rachael right after the session and even a month later! I love the Emotion Code Healing process! Working with you is great! I felt a safe connection with you and I look forward to future sessions.  ~Rachael                                                                                                                                                                    

Thank you Christine! You are too sweet! Thanks for your support! Your heart-wall session helped me become more creative again! Hah! What's that about? Also, my ex from seven years ago contacted me recently. I think we still love each other seven years later! Maybe my subconscious knew all along, hence the wall? ~Lara                                                                                                                                                                                         

I have never been at a loss for words but I must say that after a session with Christine it has been very difficult for me to accurately explain how I feel. I went to see Christine with an open mind regardless of the fact that I truly did not understand how her technique worked. Today, I must say that I am not only a believer but a fan. She made me aware of issues that I had hidden subconsciously for one reason or another and gave me a better understanding of myself. But what I am most thankful for is my new enlightenment towards my sixteen year old son. My son is a non-communicator and Christine opened my eyes and my ears to better understand my son and understand his silence and now I can hear him without him saying a word. I feel so much closer to him and for that I will be eternally grateful. ~Marilyn, Orlando


Hi Christine, I really want to thank you for the session of the Emotion Code. I had so much anxiety when I was going to work and didn’t know why? I didn’t want to fix it the conventional way of using meds. (As they have side effects like gaining weight, who wants to add that to a problem). After our Emotion Code session and getting the trapped emotion out I no longer have anxiety when I am getting ready and go to work. Thank you so much for helping me. My biggest thank you is for helping my son. He had some emotions that we had to deal with and that has improved so much with him. He has been dealing with his controlling of crying and situations so much better! Thank you for such a wonderful session and I am looking forward to see you again!! I believed in the Emotions and the Emotion Code but I had little questions about whether it would really work? I am so happy I did it!! The results are amazing!! Thank you!! ~Maria, Orlando

                                                                                                                                                                                         I have had sessions of Emotion Code as well as EFT, or tapping with Christine. I have benefited greatly from both types of energy work. They are wonderful ways of healing old emotions that we have no idea we are carrying! I cannot thank Christine enough for introducing Emotion Code and EFT to me. I recommend them to everybody I know. The positive effects are just amazing! I can’t wait to have more sessions! Thank you!   ~Deborah, Orlando        

Thank you Christine for such a wonderful session! I wanted to share with you something that happened after you used the Emotion Code method on me. With my debilitating onsets of pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia I find myself not able to do much in life. I have pretty much surrendered to it. As you witnessed during our session I was having a hard time. First of all I was amazed by how the magnets you had me use on my arm released the tension and pain and we were able to continue with the session. You had explained to me that the Emotion Code is a method to find and release emotional baggage that gets lodged and stuck in our bodies. Throughout our session I was in complete awe when my body actually surrendered and answered the questions you were asking it using the Emotion Code. Past emotional events were coming up that I had not thought of in years probably since these events are too painful to remember. I get that these events lie embedded in my body and manifests themselves as physical pain and malfunction, but what I did not realize was how powerful this all can be. Simply by getting rid of some unseen baggage I was given new insight to the baggage the surrounds me daily, let me explain. After our session, that evening I walked into our kitchen and realized that I had 3 drawers filled with garbage. Seriously, I am speaking G-A-R-B-A-G-E! A drawer filled with plastic utensils, the other filled with paper bags and the third filled with unused recipes. Basically none of it being used, just piling up. All of a sudden I looked at these 3 drawers with awareness. This awareness gave me no choice but to get rid of the junk and I ended up cleaning out the 3 drawers and threw all of its contents away. I had not used nor needed any of it. As such, I have no use for the emotional garbage, but yet it keeps piling up within. I am grateful to you for being able to get rid of some of the visible garbage and releasing the emotional ones through your work. So thank you, and now can we do the whole apartment? ;) Looking forward to getting some more cleaning done, both inside and out!  ~Gigi, Orlando

Well, you truly are some sort of wonderful magician. I don't know or completely understand how or what you did to change (for the better) my energy and the energies around me, but it has absolutely worked! I feel changed, almost as if I've somehow grown. I learned a long time ago, not to question the good when it appears, just accept it and pass it along to someone else. I does feel strange to have turned 50 and not really know it (deep inside) yet. I have no idea how I could ever truly thank-you. My life feels like it is finally coming back to some sense of normalcy, again. It's almost as if you ushered in my next new cycle. How you could have been aware that it was due, is beyond me. ~Dave, Orlando

Well, where to start..... I guess I can go back to April 2013. I was in a really bad psychological and emotional shape from my past history. I was feeling twisted and extremely angry. I was in a rage all the time and very short to people. At that time, I knew I was about to go insane literally. There were a lot of times I just wanted to end my life. I don't have health insurance so regular conventional treatment wasn't in my budget and I don't even like regular doctor's treatment. I think they do more harm than good to our body anyway. One day,  my friend recommended TEC and tapping therapy with Christine. Before I went to see Christine, I read about TEC online a little. It sounded like my kind of healing methods. I called Christine and made the first appointment. She sounded very friendly over the phone that made me feel at ease.

When I got to her office, Christine welcomed me with beautiful smile and a hug. The view from the room took my breath way. You can see a beautiful lake from where you sit. It's so calming and a very positive feeling. Christine explained to me briefly about TEC and tapping therapy. If you have specific emotions, I highly recommend the tapping therapy then TEC. She did both to me that day. I was a little bit skeptical but I was accepting it. Christine was able to remove many built up old emotions from my past history. Most of the results were immediate but I thought maybe I was just psyching myself up. Then, 2 hours later, I was still feeling great. Moreover, when I think about the past events that made me very emotional, I noticed something. I can see the event that happened in my head but I didn't feel the emotions anymore!!! It was just eye opening for me. I didn't realize that how effective and powerful these methods were! Christine is great at what she does. She is also very intuitive. She really saved my life. If I didn't meet her, I don't even know if I would be the same person that I am now or even exist. I did a few more sessions and removed my heart wall as well. Christine also strengthened my energy field the last time. Oh boy, I didn't realize that my shield on the back my neck was so weak till she strengthened it. It felt like a meshed shield before compared to what she did after. I felt so much more protected and grounded. Unbelievable!! I love Christine. She is awesome.

My father is battling with alcoholism for over 30 years and anxiety about a year. He was prescribed the anxiety medicine which made him like a zombie. 

I told them about Christine. At first, they were skeptical but they saw how I changed, they wanted to give it a try. After the first session with Christine, My dad stopped taking anxiety medication and also slept better at night. My dad did a few more sessions, and he hasn't drank alcohol since then!  Now, My parents are believers, too.

We can't thank you enough to Christine. She is excellent at what she does.  Thank you sooooo much!!!!

~The chic who almost lost her self and soul, Orlando, FL