Energy Balancing by Numbers


Energy Balancing by Numbers

An introduction to Lloyd Mear and his work.

~Christine Danyi

Lloyd Mear always had an interest in mathematics. It was something he was naturally drawn too. When he had a major heart attack that added four stints to his body his interest grew even stronger and got him thinking. How could he apply what he knew about mathematics to help his arteries heal.

Lloyd had been in the mining industry as a civil engineer for over 20 years. He knew a lot about metallurgy and the isotopes of minerals. At the time he was working with a physicist friend. They were studying how gold deposits were formed in rivers when there was no detectable originating source or mother load. There didn't seem to be a feasible explanation as to why the gold was there until they hit upon the idea that maybe the gold was formed in the river as it flowed downstream. This proved to be true. In their research they were able to show how each energetic isotope of gold was picked up along the river until at one point in the river, a fleck of gold was formed.

When Lloyd had his heart attack he realized that his arteries had done somewhat the same thing. And he was wise enough to realize that it probably wasn't only the arteries to his heart that were clogged, but that all his arteries might be in the same shape. So this got him thinking if there was some way to make this process work in reverse. Could he somehow take the plaque and put it back into solution where it could exit the body?

What helped in this process was that many years ago Lloyd learned about the ancient art of dowsing while working in a gold mine in Northern Canada. They were trying without luck to trace a channel of gold beneath the earth's surface but it kept shifting directions from where they thought it was going. One day a fella on the site said, “I know a guy who can tell you which way the channel is going” and so they brought him in. He was a dowser and sure enough, he dowsed out the direction of the channel and he was spot on. Having witnessed this, Lloyd quickly immersed himself in the art of dowsing and he became very proficient at it. Trusting the information he was getting from his rod he began asking questions about his health. One day, while working with the physicist, the physicist remarked “Darn, if we could just figure it out we would realize it was all mathematics!” This was the moment when Lloyd began to put the two together, mathematics and dowsing. What if he could dowse out how to clean his arteries of the plaque by using mathematics to create an energy that would reverse that plaque's formation? Just like how the gold was formed, only in reverse. It was at this moment that the birth of the Energy Balancing by Numbers manual began.

And Lloyd did clean out his arteries. He dowsed out that the energy of Indium 125 could reverse the process of plaque formation for his particular type of plaque. He then imprinted that energy into water, drank it, and within a month he says his arteries were clean.

“Number rules the universe.”


Lloyd Mear would say that numbers rule the human body!

Lloyd Mear creates strings of numbers, number sequences that have an energy and that hold an intention. Each number is carefully created by connecting with his higher source and dowsing for a frequency to correct a problem and bring balance to the energetic body. As of 2014, after having worked with thousands of clients, he has created almost 6000 number frequencies!

Lloyd would explain it like this, the body is like a radio with nearly 1.2 million frequencies or radio stations. Most of these frequencies come in at birth and protect us from outside energies. Sometimes frequencies are missing, sometimes they can be scrambled through trauma or negative emotions. Lloyd has developed through the use of numbers, a way to bring balance back to the body. Like an acupuncturist working with the meridians, Lloyd works with the frequencies that make up the human body and the frequencies that effect the human body. For example, there's an outside energy called SOEFS. This energy comes in from the universe and becomes strongest the day before and the day of a full moon. I'm sure you're familiar with that energy, it's the one that makes some folks go nutty at airports and hospitals. For some reason these folks will take on high levels of this energy during a full moon. SOEFS can also influence migraine headaches so Lloyd has developed a number 17686999688 that can help scramble or reduce this SOEFS energy from affecting a person.

Our bodies are like batteries that operate in a negative field. When we walk barefoot on the beach or sit in front of a wood burning stove we pick up negative ions. We are also able to discharge positive ions which tend to build up in the body like static electricity. Too many positive ions in the body can lead to disease and degeneration. The body needs to be in operating in a negative field in order to heal. Mr Mear has developed several numbers to bring us back into a negative field including this one that's called Neutral Energy to Negative Energy~ 78902345789.

My own story about working with Lloyd's numbers happened after my first session with him. I was frustrated with an ongoing problem with fatigue that I couldn't seem to shake no matter what I tried. I left my stressful job in my effort to heal yet it wouldn't go away. I asked for his help and after 30mins of searching he found it at the back of the manual. I was missing a number called Normalize Brain Function~ 88829267865. His dowsing showed that the number or frequency was so low that he couldn't measure it. It seemed that my brain was stuck in a pattern of signaling my body to slow down. So he told me to recite the number out loud while he dowsed. In most cases you recite a number about 7 times and the frequency comes in but I was up to 20 times! But at the very moment when my body regained that frequency I felt goosebumps throughout and I had the urge to cry. I was just about to tell Lloyd that I thought it was in and at that very moment he said to me “okay, it's in”. From that day forward, for the next two weeks, I repeated that number several times a day along with a few others that he gave me. After a week my fatigue was gone. Really gone! I was so excited. So much so that I spent the summer editing and revising his original manual into the new Energy Balancing by Numbers Manual.

I truly believe that my journey in all this was divinely driven by the need for this knowledge that Mr Mear has created to be brought to the world.

Thank you and Be well,

~Christine Danyi

Editor and Publisher of Energy Balancing by Numbers