5 Steps On The Healing Path

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Not all of us have taken the same path, we've all navigated our own way. But the path to healing seems to have some guideposts along the way that help us get to where we want to be. Here's a few steps I've encountered as have some of my clients:

1. You've done everything else. You've listened to the medical world and gone the usual route of doctors and prescriptions. It worked for a while but the pain or illness just comes back, sometimes even morphed into something new. You begin to realize that there is something more than physical going on that's effecting your body.

2. You've made great strides in changing your diet and lifestyle. You stay away from processed foods, eat more veggies and filter your water. You feel better but still not crazy good.

3. You've recognized your emotions play a role. You have this sneaky in the back of your mind feeling that there's some unconscious programming going on that you're not always aware of. You catch yourself reacting negatively to something and then step back and wonder why. This is the beginning, once you start this realization process there is no turning back. This I call enlightenment .

4. You've begun your true search. You just know you can heal and you have begun searching for those that can help you. This is the most beautiful part of the journey and the most rewarding. We draw into our lives the people who are here to help us on this journey.

5 You can feel it happening even though you may not be able to explain it. Sometimes change is hard to describe. We know that something's different but it's hard to put our finger on exactly what has shifted. So many of my clients say 'I just feel different, happier, lighter' and this is what it's all about. You're changing your energy. You're vibrating at a higher frequency. The denser, negative emotions that have been keeping you down have been released and you like the way you feel.  And all this sets the stage for your physical body to begin to heal. Your cells are now receiving and giving proper communications to each other without the distorted energy of negative emotions.

Congratulations my friend,  You made it happen!!

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